Weekly Update straight from Spiel

Dear Backer,

We hope you are having a good week!

Today we will share news regarding Shipping, how we will better adjust the Update Pack instructions, Forteller, Essen/Spiel, and Nord (logistic partner for North America).

The first topic must be Shipping

We heard from Gamesquest’s CEO that all EU items are at the warehouse in Germany (headquarters for EU distribution). Shipping will start next week after verifying and separating all of the products. 

The UK items have also arrived at the warehouse and will follow the same process as EU products.

US backers who have not received their game or have damaged items and sent us emails; we are processing the tickets and communicating with Nord to expedite the replacement for you. If you have not sent us an email with a description of your issue, we encourage you to do so that we can follow protocol. 

On another note, we would like to clarify something for all backers that decided to go on 1 wave and purchase new content. As explained during the Pledge Manager, if you got new content (Apocalypse) and also got the reprint items and selected 1 wave, all your items will arrive when the production of Apocalypse is completed, which makes sense for those choosing the most affordable route. We just wanted to clarify since a few backers in this position are questioning that. We hope that can clear things up. 

Update Pack Instruction:

The decision of our developing/designer team was to create simple and concise material to generate less bureaucracy for the player. But instead, we were biased and didn’t acknowledge the necessary steps needed to inform you better, setting up the Update Pack. The issue is that coming from the CGS game development team’s point of view, which already knows the steps, it lacked the proper information to support the process for our Backer. For that reason, the team is working on a much better instruction file to guide you throughout the process of updating your game. On top of that, we will have a video with step by step on how to update your game (for those that might find that approach better). 


If you haven’t received the access code, and you backed the Forteller narration for CoD, please follow the steps that Forteller instructed us to share with you guys: 

“We have a message from Forteller regarding some missing codes. Here is a step-by-step guide on getting those to you as fast as possible.

1. First things first, make sure you have a Forteller account created so we know who to apply the code to.

2. Second, please email support@fortellergames.com with these 3 things:

1. Name

2. Email you used on your Forteller account

3. Email you used in the Gamefound Pledge

Lastly, please add any additional requests that you may have (i.e., “I bought two copies. One is for me, and the other is a gift.”

If you have any questions or issues with this process, please reach out on the Forteller Discord #forteller-help chat. https://discord.gg/W2gXpWbFWs 

We hope all backers who purchased the Forteller app can collect their access code now and enjoy the beautiful work done by Team Forteller. 


OMG what a great event! This was the very first time our team had the pleasure of coming to Spiel. The opportunity to meet backers to hear feedback and have the pleasure of meeting partners that we only spoke to via email and online video calls. Learning from our community and seeing how much love and passion are shared with board games. It has been one day, but already a fantastic experience for us, particularly with the German people’s warm reception. We are in love with Essen and Spiel.

We would like to send a special thanks to Andreas Gabel that drove all the way from the comfort of his home to meet us here and is taking the time to share his knowledge about CoD with people that would like to learn the game. You are a true Hero, man. Danke!

We wish you a great weekend,


Team CGS.