Fulfillment, Update Pack, Essen, and more.

Painting done by Christian (German Backer)

Dear Backer,

We hope this Update finds you well. 

Today’s Update will cover Fulfillment, Damage Items/missing items, Customer Service, Improved Update Pack instructions, Spiel 2022, and the New CoD Backer Space. 

So let’s get started.


UK, EU, and ROW: As mentioned during the last Update, the UK and EU fulfillment items were at the warehouse and went under revision during this week to avoid any issues during the logistic delivery, which is normal practice at fulfillment warehouses. Gamesquest has guaranteed us that delivery will start at any time; after that, backers will begin receiving an email with a delivery notice. We just got the news that all revision was completed today. But we didn’t receive the message that they started the fulfillment yet, at least until now (18:15 Montana time). When that happens, I will send a message in the comment section. Not the news I wanted to send you guys, but it’s the fact here.

US: We have received many emails from US backers with issues regarding missing items and damaged boxes. Also, for backers that received their delivery notice but didn’t receive their game, I sent a list to Nord, requesting immediate action on that and they should move now. Despite not enjoying seeing that, we appreciate the emails since it’s the only sustainable way to follow the process. That way, the request is categorized, and we can present to our logistic partners and manufacturers where the areas of improvement are focused. Hence, the fulfillment experience enhances during Apocalypse delivery. This brings us to the next topic…

Again, all items being delivered at the moment are the Reprint items for 2 wave backers or 1 wave backers that ARE NOT getting anything from Apocalypse. So if you are a Single Wave backer with New Content items in your pledge, it is absolutely normal and expected that you haven’t received a tracking or parcel.

Customer Service Improvements:

As you are well aware, we are still a small studio with limited resources, but it can’t be the reason for not adequate service. With that said, we got multiple feedback from the community and internal team to change a few things around the Customers Service process and speed. 

As a backer, you must know that we want to solve existing issues and avoid new problems as much as possible. Regarding communication, we want to leave the comment section in the campaign for comments, as much as possible, to condense the issues where we have the system in place to expedite the resolution. 

We put the ticket system in the air for the convenience of the Backer—a place where you can find articles for more frequently asked questions. We also created a ticket creation system where the Backer can select their type of problem and upload images if necessary so that we can handle each ticket in the best possible way. And customers will now get a confirmation mail when they raise a ticket, and they also have the opportunity to check the status of their ticket through the link provided in the confirmation mail. Another vital point to mention is that those who already have open support requests don’t have to send them in again because all of them are already in the Freshdesk system.

We encourage all backers who need assistance to turn to this page. Click Here.

By focusing all issues on one platform, we can better serve you. 

Our goal is always to improve in every way we can. From the products we bring to your table or the service. That way, we can enhance the customer experience. 

Improved Instructions for the Update Pack:

Another topic we promised to improve during the last Update was the Instructions for the Update Pack. As you know, the only way we can do a better job is by having constructive feedback for our community. So here it is! We hope we made it clear to backers how to update your game and enjoy the new story and the new and improved system. 


Spiel 2022:

Essen was one of the best moments of my year, apart from becoming a father. The interaction with backers and community members inspired our team to dive deep into better enhancing our participation in events like Spiel, but mainly become closer to people who shape the purpose of our actions. Why do we do what we do? How can we better serve you? What is the best part of our game, and how can we always bring a better mechanic? 

I guess you had to be there! We are so grateful for the time we spent talking with our backers and people who pointed out multiple ideas regarding our project—seeing the interaction of over 10 sessions of CoD played in German and English (6 sessions in German with Andreas Gabel and 5 sessions with Leo). People from different backgrounds and ethnicities come together to enjoy that specific moment. 

With that said, we want to share a couple of pictures of the event, and we can’t wait for 2023!

CoD Backer Space:

Are you looking for an opportunity to feature your painted miniatures in one of the upcoming updates? Look no further! Andreas came up with the idea that it would be a nice gesture towards the community to reserve some space at the bottom of each Update to feature some pictures of painted minis from our backers, and we are all for it. We do not intend to create a competition, and every painter, professional for years or just starting, will have a chance. 

So if you want to participate, all you have to do is this. Send a mail to showcase@wearecgs.com and provide either your Name or Nickname (whatever you prefer to appear along with your pictures) and your country of origin. Regarding pictures, it’s often problematic to send high-resolution files directly as email, so I would prefer if you could upload them to a cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar and just provide the link to access them in the email.

We are looking forward to receiving some great images! And maybe yours might be in the next Update already! Pictures of single miniatures or whole gameplay scenes are equally acceptable.

Today we will start off this new section with the images provided by Christian from Germany and his interpretation of the Heroes Sun and Barak and the Undead Dragon and the Wyrm Bosses. Enjoy!

Last point:

Many backers during Spiel questioned us regarding the new project Dante. As you know, we are not talking much about it for one reason. We are committed to closing the projects we have in hand before we engage our community with Dante. Yes, it will be a fantastic project, and yes, you will be thrilled to see what we have planned for Dante, but first things first. 

After that, we will release Demo Boxes for Dante to travel around the Globe with many community members (players and reviewers) to gather feedback and hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of playtesting. It is essential to know that we are not starting Dante until Apocalypse is delivered for backers that ordered in English (dependent solo on CGS). 

The one thing we are debating doing before that is another TTS with Andreas. Since it won’t remove resources from CGS, but it is time and sacrifice from Andreas. So, we will decide and let you guys know if and when that will happen. 

Regarding Apocalypse, we talked about the new QA protocol we are doing with Apocalypse to minimize any mistakes that might pass through our team, the reason we expanded the process, creating a little more bureaucracy.

We had a crucial meeting during Spiel with our manufacturing partner and already requested the most updated images from the production, so we can share that with you guys. Another topic important to debate here is the Apocalypse Dice set. A few backers saw a different product sold by the same partners in an event presenting one of the products sold by the partner and assumed it was our dice set. The truth is that the partner was still preparing our dice set, and last Saturday, we agreed on the final version of the dice set. The gem that makes the creature’s eyeball will match the beast’s color. We will have the final prototype at the end of this month, showing you the progress. 

I think that’s all. 

We wish you a great weekend and until next week, be safe. 


Rick and Team CGS.