Fulfillment, Forteller, Update files for Download and Spiel.

Dear Backer,

Today’s update will cover Fulfillment, new updated files for download, Forteller, and Essen.

Let’s get started with Fulfillment: 

USA/Canada: All items for wave 1 have left the warehouse, so if you didn’t receive your item, it’s coming. If you haven’t received the confirmation from Nord, please let us know. 

Damage/missing items; take pictures of the damaged item or describe the missing item, and send us an email to CS at customerservice@wearecgs.com with your order number, full name, and address. We will replace your damaged item. 

On another note, we had a meeting with our logistic partner for US/Canada to improve the process for Wave 2, including packaging, FYI.

EU: Items at the warehouse, waiting for analysis and Fulfillment.

UK: Last Update from Gamesquest was that the items were arriving at the Port.

New Updated Files:

You will find the updated version of how to update your game and the list of tokens to ensure it’s clear for all backers. CLICK HERE.


We are getting emails and comments regarding nondelivered Forteller access codes. We are in close communication with Forteller, and the updated Backer’s list to Forteller, was sent days ago. They are processing it, and we are waiting for the release of the access codes at any time.  

Customer Service

We are doing a massive rearrangement of the team to assist with the increased demand for our customer service. On top of that, we are updating our Freshdesk and creating new tools for the Backer in an attempt to expedite the response and better serve you.


The last thing to mention is the upcoming event in Germany, Spiel 22, that we will be there and hope to see our community stopping by to play or chat with us. Our Booth number is 6J109. 

We are very excited to be attending such an event with great people around us, meeting members of our community, exchanging ideas, and looking for ways to improve our quality and service. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to see first-hand minis from Apocalypse, Dante. 

As mentioned in the last Update, our playing session with Andreas Gabel will take place at the event, but it got booked in a few days. We will post on our social media pictures and a few surprises we will have there for our visitors.

We hope you have a great weekend,


Team CGS.