Dante is a new experience for 1-4 players based on the famous Italian poem: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. Find, in this new adventure, an incredible fusion of exploration, through the various circles of Hell, and epic battles against hordes of enemies in the best war game style. Devise the safest route to your objectives, or explore the most challenging corners of this dark realm. Engage in fierce battles and strategize using your surroundings. 

Based on Alighieri’s masterful vision, find reimagined, unique views on the Inferno, an ever-changing domain full of perils and mystery. Explore this whimsical land through a compelling and deep branching storyline and experience the passage of time as it shapes a new journey for you and your friends. No two gameplays will look the same in this adventure full of surprises. Be prepared to be tested and make decisions that may entirely affect your journey, alter the battles you will face, require you to review your strategy, and even change how Hell itself takes shape before your very eyes. Dive into Alighieri’s masterpiece with new epic characters, and see historical figures in a new light, with sides you have never seen before.